Friday, March 25, 2011


This is the criminal

This is Randi who went for a walk one crispy spring day.

No nature allowed in nature, please, and thank you

This is the first sign that we saw on our walk along the asphalt path.

Furthermore, your money is welcome but you and any Nature attached to you are not.

It's becoming a discouraging day.

We don't know what that red hand means, but we are certainly getting a message.


Here is the sign that we've been looking for... 

But by the time we found this lovely sign, we-the doglet and me-had been busted by the Large, Authoritative Person who presumed that we hadn't seen the signs forbidding us to be in Nature.  (Which of course we had seen-because the wretched things were relentless-but had blithely ignored in the spirit of a lovely day in March.)

no Nature today

Of course we've  become the thing that we dreaded: zoo keepers.  

Who are we saving the arboretum-prairie preserve-natural area for, I wonder.  Is there a better, less destructive, more enlightened Human coming to Earth in the future?  I bet there isn't.  I bet that we are as good as it gets.  (As bad as that is.)

So if you don't let my tree climbing, dog walking self in-with my frisbees, wheels, picnics, noise and so on-I will simply bedevil you from the distant, dismal classrooms  and urban blight that you abandoned me to while you were fund raising for the land that you bought to keep me out of.  (Meaning the rhetorical me, not a me that you could actually bring up on charges because that me doesn't have enough bail money for you to bother with..)
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