Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springing Ahead

 This is not a photo of the sky  this March morning. (Today's palette is a dozen shades of spring grey with a crocheted edging of green.) That's a Scarlet Magic Tassel flower on an afternoon in July.  I chose this photo to motivate myself out of my garden denial.  I'm still not ready for garden chores yet....this is what comes from decades of gardening.  I drag my feet a bit longer in the spring because all my time will soon be owned by plants.   Certainly, it is my own agricultural expectations that I am avoiding and as the seasons pass, I have begun to appreciate the plants that don't need me and even resent my best efforts.  Trees, for instance, live outside my timeline and will only remember my tending them with another layer of cellulose. 

I foresee the day when I will let the vegetables and flowers run amuck and only grow trees.

Here's an Audioboo about Daylight Savings Time.  I  dusted and adjusted my one analog clock this morning after noticing that the digital clocks had all sprung ahead without my input.   I'd like to have that computer chip in my head to do the same for my life.

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